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Rule the Roof: Rooftop Solutions from Unistrut Service Company

Since we first opened our doors in 1940, our customers have relied on Unistrut Service Company for a wide range of solutions for rooftop applications.  In this post, we will look at a handful of ways our products and services make short work of even the most challenging roof applications.

Guardrail vs. Fall Arrest Systems: Choosing the Right Roof Fall Protection System

Fall protection is a must when it comes to ensuring employee safety during rooftop inspection, maintenance, and repair.  In this post we’ll walk through different areas of consideration when choosing the best rooftop fall protection system for your application.

Assuming your goal is protecting workers near a leading edge rather than a rooftop opening (e.g., a roof hatch or skylight), perimeter edge fall protection takes two primary forms:  passive systems, such as guardrail, and fall arrest/fall restraint systems.  Both system styles have pros and cons, so arriving at the “best possible solution” starts with answering some key questions.  

Custom Cut Channel Delivered Faster Than Ever

Although you may think of Unistrut Service Company as a go-to-vendor partner for all of your channel, fittings, and hardware needs, we are so much more than pieces and parts.  Since our founding in 1940, we have combined an extensive inventory with value-added services such as in-house engineering, ...

Introducing the Gen2 Rooftop Warning Line System

Video Transcript:

Warning lines provide a simple, cost-effective means to visually designate safe rooftop work areas, but purchasing the wrong system can result in poor performance and OSHA fines.
It’s no secret that rooftop systems face constant exposure to the elements, and the effects of sunlig...

The Unistrut Experience

The Unistrut Experience from DFP/USCO on Vimeo.

Video Transcript:

Since 1940 Unistrut Service Company has been delivering exceptional value to OEM's, Fabricators, MRO's, GC's, and Distributors.

As a factory authorized technical center, USCO combines an extensive inventory of Unistrut channel,...

TELESPAR- Telescoping square tubing for industrial and OEM applications

Telespar Explainer from DFP/USCO on Vimeo.

Video Transcription:

Introducing Telespar…Telescoping square tubing for Industrial and OEM applications.

The Telespar system is ideal for building racks, shelving, conveyors systems, adjustable platforms, and more.

The secret to Telespar’s versatili...

See What Makes Us More Than Just a Distributor



Video Transcript:

As an OEM, you rely on vendor partners for the materials needed to produce your finished goods. 

Many of these materials are commodity items, with similar fit, form, and function that can be sourced from a host of potential ...

Necessity is the Mother of Invention: COVID-19 Update

You know what they say about necessity birthing inventions? Within our own company, we have seen that ideation model take hold in response to unique design and fabrication requirements during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Two health care related products that have been designed, engineered and depl...

Coronavirus: manufacturers address patient bed shortages with solutions to maximize hospital capacity

A Portable Room Partition

The current coronavirus crisis has led to increasing challenges as our nation’s hospitals struggle with patient capacity and COVID-19 cases continue to climb.

As we approach the anticipated peak of the outbreak, health facilities are challenged with finding adequate space to deliver care to the gr...

Unistrut portable hospital rooms help to address patient capacity challenges in COVID-19 surge


CLEVELAND, Ohio (April 1, 2020) – Unistrut Service Company (USC) released its latest product offering today, portable hospital rooms to address growing patient capacity issues resulting from the COVID-19 surge in the United States.

As the urgency to scale up to patient needs continue...