Cope® Cable Tray Quick Ship Program

What is a Cable Tray? Any assembly of cable tray straight sections, fittings and accessories that form a rigid system to support cables, is a cable tray.  There are seven (7) different variations of a Cable Tray, each with one type of differentiation listed in the text box below.

Through Unistrut Service Company, Cope® Cable Tray offers a Quick Ship Program delivered from facilities in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and Houston Texas, featuring same day or next day delivery. For Cable Tray products available in the Quick Ship Program, click here or download the Cope Cable Tray PDF Catalog here.

Types of Cable Tray

Type Summary Differentiation
Ladder A prefabricated metal structure consisting of two side rails connected by individual transverse members or rungs.  Ladder tray is the most common and the most economical type of tray. It also provides maximum ventilation for cabling. For Maximum Cable Ventilation
Hat Is a prefabricated metal structure consisting of reinforced hat-shaped rungs, arc-welded to the side rails, and is manufactured to NEMA Standard VE-1. Hat rungs are fastened to the side rails with an automatic, self-indexing MIG-arc-welding system, plug welding a ½" diameter zone. The superior strength of the plug weld withstands the rigors of shipping, handling, erection, and cable support service. For when  Maximum Strength is needed in the Welded Plug
Trof A prefabricated metal structure with clear openingsno greater than 4". Trof cable trays are the best choice for smaller cables. Ventilated trofs offer some air-flow while completely eliminating cable sagging. For Smaller Cables
I-Beam I-Beam cable tray system provides long span capability and versatility.  I-Beam interfaces with existing “I” Beam configurations. For use in otherI-Beam configurations
Unistrut Channel A prefabricated metal structure consisting of a one-piece ventilated or solid bottom channel section not exceeding 6" in width.
Glas™ Fiberglass cable tray provides the answer to many adverse environments. Life cycle costs, long span capability and easy field modification make Glas™ an ideal choice for industrial, chemical, and petro-chemical facilities. For Industrial, Chemical, and Gas Applications
Wire Basket Provides the superior flexibility and ease of installation required by data-com installations. The exclusive Kwik- Latch™ system speeds cable tray installation. For Installation Flexibility