Coronavirus: manufacturers address patient bed shortages with solutions to maximize hospital capacity

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A Portable Room Partition

The current coronavirus crisis has led to increasing challenges as our nation’s hospitals struggle with patient capacity and COVID-19 cases continue to climb.

As we approach the anticipated peak of the outbreak, health facilities are challenged with finding adequate space to deliver care to the growing population of sick patients.

How health care facilities and manufacturers are responding

Around the world, countries have experienced similar shortages and some have even resorted to rationing care. Other companies have introduced solutions for temporary hospital rooms and pop-up health care facilities, but the current products on the market are often expensive and out of reach for healthcare providers that are able to help those in need.

How Unistrut Service Company can help

As a Critical Infrastructure Support Company for the COVID-19 relief effort, we believe it is our responsibility to utilize our manufacturing capabilities to help improve the future outlook of patient care in these uncertain times. Our skilled team of engineers worked hard and were dedicated to developing an affordable hospital room partition that is easy to assemble and built for reliable performance.

Constructed with Unistrut Channel and flame retardant, medical grade fabric, the portable hospital rooms feature easy to assemble partitions with a streamlined design that can quickly convert hospitals, arenas, stadiums, and other open areas into usable space for patient beds.

These portable partitions have been engineered to easily accommodate standard 36-by-84-inch and 54-by-96-inch patient beds, and because they are modular, sections can be connected to minimize the overall footprint and use of materials. Additional fittings are available for adding compartments and top rails provide space to hang lights and medical supplies.

How you can increase your hospital capacity

During this global health crisis, Unistrut Service Company is proud to do everything we can to help support patients, medical facilities, and the individuals who provide their lifesaving care. If you are in need of portable room solutions for patient beds, request a quote online or call 855-923-2611 for more information.