Curved Unistrut Channel

We receive periodic inquiries about curved Unistrut channel, which is a perfect solution for a number of applications, including trolley fabrication. If you have an upcoming project that calls for custom made, curved Unistrut channel, we have a new post that is sure to help.

Unistrut provides curved P1000 channel only in either plain (PL) or pre-galvanized (PG) factory finishes with custom powder coating available upon request.  The radius must be 3 ft. or greater for trolley applications and to avoid damage to the channel. Pierced channel and other profiles are not curved by the factory.Typically standard 20 ft. lengths of P1000 are curved resulting in approximately 16 ft. of usable curved channel. For lengths greater than 16 ft., multiple curved sections are required. All curves must be field trimmed to achieve required arc length. Multiple sections must be field or shop welded for arc lengths exceeding 16 ft.Each curve has a manufacturing tolerance of +/- 1/16” in the offset (factory gauge setting) from the center of a 4’ chord. For multiple channels with the same required radius, each channel will vary within this tolerance. Therefore, no two sections will have the exact same final radius. The table below summarizes the curvature range for a given radius resulting from the manufacturing tolerance.

curved p1000 chart

For pricing, please download our Unistrut Curved Channel Request Form, provide the required information requested on the form, and return via e-mail or fax.  Please note that all curved channel is made to order, but we make every effort to expedite customer requests.  If you have additional questions regarding curved strut, contact Unistrut Service Company for further assistance.