Making a Tire Storage Rack with Unistrut

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At Unistrut Service Company we like to say, "if you can imagine it, you can probably build it with Unistrut."  One of the best parts of the versatility of our product is seeing how far the imagination takes our customers. For Tom B. in Albany NY, this means all the freedom to design his racing garage exactly how he likes.

Racing for around 20 years, Tom used Unistrut to design and complete tire racks for his racing garage. Utilizing a handful of products, Tom built a 40+ tire storage rack fairly easily. One additional benefit of storage systems such as these is adjustability.   If your needs change, the material can be reconfigured and re-used to make a new storage rack. 


As for the system itself, you can see in the photos below, the racks are made of mostly our P1000T channel. Our angled P2484 fittings support the horizontal struts and P1031s are also used to make strong connections. Tom also included red plastic end caps to match the color-scheme of his garage.












This application is just one of the countless creative ways our customers use Unistrut. Thanks to the wide range of channel and fittings found in the Unistrut Engineering Catalog, you too can make a tire rack or other garage storage system with ease.  Unistrut structures are easy to design and install, and best of all, our service representatives can lend a hand with anything you’ll need along the way. See what you can come up with today!