Making Tire Racks With Unistrut Framing Channel

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tire rack constructed from Unistrut

Versatility and ease make Unistrut the framing channel material of choice for individuals looking for alternatives to fabricated steel structures.  With Unistrut, the welding and cutting typically associated with steel fabrication can be minimized, and in some instances, virtually eliminated.  We like to think of Unistrut as a grown up erector set—if you can imagine a design concept, chances are good, it can be built—quickly and efficiently.Although most of our Unistrut application stories focus on industrial or medical applications, this post takes a very different twist.  The snow will be flying soon, and one of our engineers here at Unistrut Service Company owns a few cars requiring snow tires.  Changing from summer performance tires to snow tires isn’t really all that hard.  The real problem for our friend here was how to store a vast collection of over twenty tires that won’t see use again until the snow melts.  Since our application engineer designs all kinds of support structures and storage systems using Unistrut on a daily basis, it didn’t take long to assemble a materials list for a custom tire rack.

The picture included with this post shows a tire storage rack that designed for our engineer’s basement. The rack is 10’ wide, approximately 20” deep, and 6’-8” tall, and has storage capacity for approximately 30 tires! Dimensions can be modified, and heavier duty versions are available to store tires with wheels, or other items requiring storage.  The finished Unistrut tire rack consists primarily of P1000, P2346, P2223, P3013 and HHCS050094EG components. P1001 can be utilized in a heavier duty version.  The entire assembly process took about an hour.Unistrut Service Company offers several kits that can help you safely store your tires.  Whether your application is commercial or a home-based, DIY project we stand ready to help.  To learn more about constructing a tire rack using Unistrut framing channel, contact us for pricing or additional information.