Roura Self Dumping Hoppers

Roura Self Dumping Hopper

USCO now offers a complete line of Roura self-dumping hoppers for material handling applications.  Roura hoppers are built using hand welded steel construction techniques and come in 1/4 to 10-yard capacities.

Roura self-dumping hoppers are built to last, using material choices that are typically stronger than the competition.  Roura hopper walls are built with 1/4" hot rolled steel versus the 3/16" steel used by the competition; where most competitors use 1/4" steel to construct their bases, Roura hoppers come with heavy duty bases constructed from 5/16" thick steel. In addition to the traditional Roura self-dumping hopper, USCO also Recycling, Refuse, Dewatering, Dross, Hydraulic and Open Side Self Dumping Hoppers, as well as Rotator Boxes and the Mechanical Hopper Release System.  Contact USCO to learn more about Roura self-dumping hoppers.