Strutster Spring Nut Insertion Tool


Unistrut Service Company is proud to announce a new tool called the Strutster. This handy tool is a spring nut insertion tool that features a magnetic tip to easily install spring nuts into your Unistrut channel. It is designed for ¼, 3/8 and ½” spring nuts.  Strustster is the perfect tool for hard to reach places and reduces the risk of cuts, pinches, and slivers.

Designed for the mechanical, electrical and plumbing industries to simplify and reduce labor costs in the field, Strutster is compatible with the following Unistrut Part Numbers: P1007, P1008, P1009, P1010, P1012S, P4006, P4007, P4008, P4009, P4010, P5506, P5507, P5508, P5509, P5510. Save time and money on your next Unistrut installation by ordering your Strutster spring nut insertion tool today.  To order, or for more information, contact Unistrut Service Company.