Roof Warning Line Kits
Roof Warning Line Kits
Roof Warning Line Kits

Unistrut Service Company

Roof Warning Line Kits

Sale price$124.44
Part No.:WL-Gen2-02


  • Compact, non-penetrating concrete base design
  • Galvanized stanchion posts & fittings
  • Heavy duty molded plastic warning flags
  • Aluminum top cap set screw design secures warning line
  • OSHA 1910.29(d) and 1926.502 (f)(2) Compliant


  • Install intermediate base plate and stanchion assembly at 24’ intervals, with corner post assemblies and end post assemblies as needed
  • Guide cable through each top cap and secure with set screw
  • Place flags at 6’ intervals

System Specs

  • Stanchion assembly height—39”
  • Base dimensions 14” x 14” x 4” / 62 lbs

Each roof warning line kit comes with 25 feet of plastic-coated steel cable and four warning flags

Part Number Description 
WL-GEN2-02 Intermediate Post Kit 
WL-CORNEROUT-02 Corner Outrigger Post Kit 
WL-ENDOUT-02 End Outrigger Post Kit


Warning Line Sell Sheet