Top 6 Unistrut Hardware Items Needed to Finish Your Project

Unistrut metal framing channel offers infinite adjustability and solutions to a variety of projects, but strut is of no value unless you have the additional fittings, and hardware to finish the job. This post covers common hardware items found in our engineering catalog that can transform your pile of metal framing channel into a finished structure.

Unistrut Service Company offers a wide range of bolts to connect your fittings to strut.  Whether you are looking for a small lot to complete a project or you need box quantities for an OEM or MRO application we have you covered.  You can order your bolts online by using this link, or check out our most popular sizes from the chart below:  

Hex head cap screws

Unistrut hex head cap screws used to connect Unistrut channel.

Flat washers reduce the chance that your connection between bolt and channel nut loosesns gradually loosen over time.  We offer flat washers in the standard sizes used for Unistrut applications and you can order washers online from our website for added convenience.  We've copied a section of the flat washer section from the Engineering Catalog for handy reference.  

Unistrut flat washers used to connect Unistrut channel.

Another common hardware item found in the Unistrut product line up--Hex nuts--come in a wide range of sizes as shown in the chart below.  We stock the common sizes and make them available for purchase on our website for added convenience.  

Unistrut hex nuts used to connect Unistrut channel.

Steel threaded rod

Threaded rod is very helpful when thinking about overhead support structures. It is commonly used in hanging engingeered overhead systems and is very versitile because of its many options of lengths, finishes and sizes.  You can also attatch threaded rod to channel as illustrated here. 

Unistrut steel threaded rod used to connect Unistrut channel.

Lock washers

Unistrut lock washers used to connect Unistrut channel.

Slot adapters

Unistrut slot adapters used to connect Unistrut channel.

Like how wood two-by-fours need nails to stay together, Unistrut channel needs the right hardware to help you piece together your project. The Unistrut Service Company gives you a one-stop-shop to order all the Unistrut nuts, washers, and adapters you need to go along with your strut.

Shop for Unistrut products online today to order everything you need for your projects. If you have any questions or want to inquire about value-added services like cutting, kitting, and bundling or fabrication and assembly, you can contact Unistrut to talk to one of our experts. You can also download the Unistrut Engineering Catalog to learn more about the different channel, fittings, and hardware we have available.