safepro roof hatch safety guardrail

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SafePro Roof Hatch Safety Railing

Sale price$1,295.00
Part No.:300250 Roof Hatch Guard Rail Kit 30 x 36
  • OSHA -compliant SafePro roof hatch guardrail system guaranteed to last five years.
  • Self-closing gate provides two additional ladder rungs for safe roof hatch egress and ingress.
  • 10-minute simple install with ten bolts and four pieces.
  • Gate access options for either the front or side of the roof hatch.
  • No risk to roof warranty - does not penetrate the flashing
  • 5-year warranty
  • OSHA / Cal OSHA Compliant
  • Standard Roof Hatch Safety Railing Sizes: 30x36 | 36x36 | 30x54 | 48x60 | 30x96 | 48x48
  • Custom units for thermally broken roof hatches are available upon request
  • When ordering, measure the roof hatch drip edge length/width to ensure proper fit
  • The SafePro Roof Hatch Safety railing system is one of the most cost-effective means of protecting employees working near open access hatches
  • Ask your sales representative about our proprietary ARHO roof hatch opening system, which is compatible with most hatches and adds an extra margin of safety for your employees and contractors


Safety Rail Data Sheet


Roof Hatch Guard Rail Technical Data Sheet