Babcock-Davis Roof Hatches
Babcock-Davis Roof Hatches

Unistrut Service Company

Babcock-Davis Roof Hatches

Sale price$1,012.86
Part No.:BG3630 Roof Hatch 36 x 30
    14 gauge steel, with standard red oxide powder coat
    Formed metal cover with liner, stiffened to withstand a live load of 40psf with a max deflection of 1/50 of the span
    Single wall curb with EZ tab counter flash and mounting flange
    1 inch polysio R-6 in curb; 1 inch polystyrene R-4 in cover
    Florida Product Approval FL40712 and Miami-Dade County, FL NOA#21-1201.02, Expiration Date May 25, 2027