Access Platforms, Landing Platforms, and Catwalk Fabrications and Installations

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Although USCO is widely known for the sale of Unistrut framing channel, fittings, and related hardware, we also fabricate custom catwalks and access platforms for industrial and commercial settings.  Catwalks, landing platforms, and access platforms can mitigate fall hazards and provide safe access to machinery, equipment, and hard to reach areas in industrial and manufacturing environments.  The application photos below illustrate examples of catwalks, landing platforms, and access platforms fabricated to customer specifications by USCO.  Whether you are seeking Unistrut framing channel, fittings, and fasteners to design and construct your own catwalk or access platform, or confusion over OSHA regulations has created interest in a turn-key solution, USCO applications engineers have the right mix of Unistrut and design/fabrication/installation expertise to make sure your job is done right.

Landing Platforms

Landing Platform

Unistrut Service Company fabricates and installs Landing Platforms for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.  This landing platform provides safe access to an in-plant, modular office located in Canton, Ohio, features a 24" raised access floor.  Custom fabricated from structural steel, the landing platform features skid-resistant stair treads, and safety yellow, powder coated guard rails that comply with OSHA regulations.  All fabrication, including the tube bending and fabrication for the rails, and the power coating were completed in-house.

Raised Access Work Platforms

Raised Access Work Platform

This Raised Access Work Platform was fabricated for a customer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The raised access work platform has a ladder, skid resistant grating, toe board, and a guard rail system, and provides maintenance staff permanent accessibility to the valve system below, eliminating the need for a ladder which can present a fall risk.  Because the raised access work platform is suspended above the valves, a slightly wider work space is available than if the work is done at ground level.  Materials used to complete this custom work platform include Unistrut Channel styles P1000, P1001, P4101, P1326, P2484, P1068, among others.

Catwalk Systems

Catwalk System Fabrication and Installation 1 Catwalk System Fabrication and Installation 2

These pictures show a Catwalk designed, fabricated and installed by Unistrut Service Company of Ohio for a customer in Erie Pennsylvania. The catwalk system gives maintenance personnel safe overhead access to exhaust fans in a waste water treatment plant.  The catwalk was manufactured using (fill in the blank), and features skid resistant planking and a toe board.  Mounted to permanent, overhead structural steel using (fill in the blank), the catwalk is 60 inches above the work area, and allows workers to access and service the fans without having to rent a boom each month.  This catwalk was constructed using P1000, P1001, P4101, P1326, P2484, P1068, P2345, P2346, P1065 P2786, P1031, and P1036 Unistrut Framing Channel.

Raised Walkways

Raised Walkway

This image shows a Raised Walkway with non-skid planking constructed from P3301 and P1068 Unistrut Framing Channel. The fabrication is a short (12” +/- tall and 3’-6” long) walkway that spans four pieces of PVC conduit running several inches from the ground and each several inches apart. Because the conduit runs across a section of the plant floor that is used by maintenance and production staff, the area presented a huge trip hazard. Maintenance staff in this Pittsburgh based facility can now safely walk over the conduit rather than risk a tripping and falling.