Build Better Structures With These Unistrut Related Products

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We sometimes refer to Unistrut as a grown-up version of the Erector Set.  Unistrut is a complete framing system that opens up endless opportunities to build strong, efficient structures with a minimal amount fuss.  We are proud of thousands of items found in the Unistrut catalog, but each of has a favorite Unistrut-related item you won't find in the catalog. Here is a list of the quiet but extremely helpful sleepers you should get to know....

Our first hidden sleeper is called the Channel Socket.  If you have ever struggled to tighten connections in the trough of a section of 1-5/8" channel, you aren't alone--a standard 3/4" socket doesn't fit inside the inturned edges of the channel.  Some folks fuss with fabricating custom diameter sockets or resort to wrangling a hand wrench inside the strut, but with the Channel Socket, tightening bolts inside channel is a breeze.  Specifically designed for “T” series slotted channels (P1000t, P5500t, P1001t, P5000t, etc), the Channel Socket is available in two sizes and works with 1-5/8?, 2-7/16?, and 3-1/4? deep channels:

eNewsletter Unistrut - Channel Socket (2) 

3/4" (19mm) Strut Channel Socket 1/2? Drive for 1-5/8" Series Strut Channel

3/4" (19mm) Strut Channel Socket 1/2? Drive for 2-7/16" or 3-1/4" Deep Channel

HVAC Dunnage Made With Unistrut Channel

Our second hidden gem--PUC Rooftop Support Bases--dampen vibrations, protect conduit and HVAC equipment from standing water, and prevent roof damage.  The PUC is the “foundation” for many of our most popular pre-engineered rooftop support systems.

Secure and non-penetrating, the PUC is a round rubber base manufactured from 100% recycled rubber crumb material to improve the LEED rating of your project.  The PUC is safe for use with all roofing materials (e.g., rubber membrane, EPDM, standing seam metal, gravel, and concrete) and supports loads up to 1600 pounds.

Versatile and easy to install, the PUC is an ideal base for a number of rooftop support applications, including:

  • Gas, Refrigeration, and Steam Pipes
  • PVC and Steel Conduit for Electrical Applications
  • Cable Trays
  • HVAC Equipment and Duct Work
  • Solar Panel Bases
  • Rooftop Walkway Bases

Rooftop Supports - The Puc 

Rooftops aren't the only places where you can use a base with Unistrut channel.  If you have an application using 1-5/8" channel on a vertical rather than horizontal plane,  Strut Feet may be a viable base option.

eNewsletter Unistrut - Strut Feet (2)

Below is a shot showing strut feet in action.  Our shop floor doesn't really need protection,  and the small table we put together isn't all that heavy, but you get the idea...

Unistrut Channel With Strut Feet

Each 3-inch diameter strut foot base is molded with a steel insert for added durability. To install, simply press the end of the 1-5/8” channel into the molded slot.  The use of high-durometer rubber during manufacturing means the strut foot can stand up to 1,000 pounds of pressure.Our last sleeper item is called the Channel Caster.  If you have an application that requires wheels, and you want the ability to slide a caster into the trough of 1-5/8" slotted channel, be sure to check out the Channel Caster.


The grooves in the plastic insert allow you to slide and position the caster assembly at any point along the length of your channel.  The Channel Caster is rated for a 250 lb. load capacity.The list above is a just a quick over view of some of the Unistrut related items we wanted to share and we think that if you give them a try, you'll build better structures.  Do you have additional products that work in conjunction with Unistrut that we should share with our regular, Tech Talk readers?  If you do, send us a suggestion with the contact us form found on our site.  If we feature your suggestion in an upcoming issue of our Tech Talk newsletter, we'll send you a sample of one of the products we profiled in this article.