Connecting Threaded Rod to Unistrut Channel: Sloped and Level Applications

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Threaded rod connected to grid made from strut

One of the most common technical questions we field is how to connect threaded rod to Unistrut.  This post is designed to offer several tips to help you select the best connection method based on your application.

The first strategy is a basic fixed connection.  As you can see from the drawing below, the threaded rod enters the bottom of the channel, but does not exit through the top side.  The fixed connection works with single and double channel as well as solid and pierced sections of strut.

connecting threaded roud to unistrut - fixed connection

For greater adjustability, you can use a through connection.  Unlike the basic fixed connection, the threaded rod exits the top of the strut to allow for easy height adjustment as shown below.  The through connection works with single or back-to-back channel with holes or slots.

threaded rod to strut - through connection

By using a U-shaped fitting (e.g., P1047, P1737, or P5547), you can also hang the threaded rod beneath the channel as shown in the drawing below.  Again, this option offers more length adjustability than a basic fixed connection.

u-shaped fitting strut to channel connection

If you are connecting threaded rod to Unistrut that runs at an angle, the most common method is to use two P1068 fittings with a nut and bolt.  The end result—a vertical threaded rod connection to sloped or angled Unistrut channel—is a secure and highly adjustable connection—is ideal when the other methods outlined above for level applications are not appropriate.threaded rod to strut - sloped angle 

The next time you need to connect threaded rod to Unistrut, give one of these techniques a try—and as always, if you have questions or need to order fittings, give us a call or drop us a line via email.