Cush-a-Therm vs. Plastic Insulation Clamps For Refrigeration Applications

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When looking at insulation clamps for chilled refrigeration or mechanical pipe lines it’s important to choose an option that will last in the long run. There are generally two options for this application- cushion or plastic clamps. In this blog we will be outlining the difference between the cushioned Cush-a-Therm insulation clamp and a plastic alternative style clamp.

Plastic refrigeration and and mechanical pipe clamps insulation sweat with condensation, ruining ceilings, walls and supports. Plastic alternatives also contain air gaps which allows energy transfers, and the lack of continuous thermal vapor barrier leads to rust build-up. When fire tested, plastic clamps smoke, melt and drip. Plastic pipe clamps also provide minimal protection against vibration and must be cut to be installed.

Cush-a-therm insulation clamps prevent condensation leaks, saving ceilings and walls as opposed to a plastic alternative which sweats with condensation. The cushioned insulation allows no air gaps which means no energy transfer. As tested under ASTM D 635, the Cush-A-Therm clamp is self-extinguishing in the event of a fire.  Unlike plastic clamps, Cush-A-Therm clamps are also hermetically sealed and crush resistant and contain a cushion made from polyurethane foam laminated with a rubber lining for maximum vibration protection. Finally, the design of Cush-A-Therm Clamps reduces installation times and allows for ease of replacement as needed.


Additional Cush-a-therm Features:

  •          Temperature range: -70°F to +250°F (-200°C to +125°C)
  •          Flammability is self-extinguishing as tested under ASTM D 635
  •          Maintains thermal barrier protection
  •          Prevents condensation
  •          Properly supports pipe and tube
  •          Absorbs vibration
  •          Polyurethane foam laminated with rubber lining
  •          Available in

Cush-a-therm clamps are the best insulation solution for refrigeration and mechanical pipe line applications requiring continuous insulation, providing a crush-resistant, airtight seal that outperforms the competition. If you have any technical questions or would like further information about Cush-a-therm clamps, please contact Unistrut Service Company. These clamps are available for purchase here.