Custom Length Unistrut Channel

Our customers have relied on us for prompt delivery and competitive pricing of Unistrut materials since 1940. We maintain an extensive inventory of the most popular sizes and finishes of channel, fittings, and hardware, and you can count on us for many of those hard-to-find part numbers too.  In the construction business, nothing is more precious than time. Good contractors know vendors who can save them time also help with the bottom line. This is one of the reasons we offer cutting services. Whether you simply need your Unistrut channel cut in specific lengths, or you are looking for us to cut, kit, and bundle strut for fast field installation, we have you covered.

The latest improvement to our service center is a programmable Hydmec S-20A production saw. I was just out in the shop, and one of the service center guys explained how he punched a job into the touch screen and cut an entire bundle of P9200 in five minutes. The same job would have taken a half hour on our old saw.

The new saw can process cut-to-length orders faster, which means you’ll get your materials sooner…saving you the one thing you can never get enough of….time. There are plenty of times when our customers use standard strut lengths or cut their material in the field, but if you want your material to ship cut to length, be sure to ask one of our service reps about this time-saving service.