Drawings For Unistrut Applications

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Many of our customers think of Unistrut Service Company of Ohio as their resource when they need Unistrut channel, fittings, or hardware to complete a project.

As an authorized, stocking distributor of Unistrut, we carry a wide range of framing channel and hardware, which is ready for immediate shipment.  While many customers think of us as a source of "Unistrut pieces and parts" we also offer custom and pre-engineered solutions for a wide range of industrial applications ranging from fall protection systems to rooftop walkways, work platforms, as well as medical support systems that are commonly found in hospital x-ray rooms, exam rooms, and operating rooms. Years of field experience and countless installations ensures that we can engineer, and install a Unistrut solution to suit your specific application.If you are interested in discussing a turn-key solution, the best way to start is to send a drawing, picture, or sketch.  We accept drawings in AutoACD.  Most CAD software packages also allow you to save your drawing in a PDF format, and we'll gladly work from that as well.  Whether your project is in the inception phase, or already underway, consider using Unistrut materials for a cost-effective solution.  At USCO, we have both the Unistrut materials you need, and the engineering experience required to make your next project a complete success!