Finishing Projects With Unistrut Closure Strips

"[caption id="attachment_900" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Unistrut P1001A Channel With Closure Strip Inserted Unistrut P1001A Channel With Closure Strip Inserted[/caption]The name Unistrut is often associated with the rugged yet versatile metal framing channel system used in countless industrial applications, yet it is equally effective for medical and commercial applications where strength and brawn must be paired with a tidy, professional look and feel.  In these instances, contractors sometimes choose to cover the open channel with closure strips and end caps.As the name suggests, Unistrut Closure Strips, or covers, are used to cover the open portion of your channel.  Applications can range from a catheterization lab or radiology room needing a clean appearance to raceway applications (when using UL approved closure strips). Don’t let the thought of exposed, open channel deter you from using Unistrut for your next project—simply measure the length of your open area, cut your closure strip to length, and snap in place for a finished appearance.Available Unistrut Closure Strip styles can be found in your Unistrut Catalog, or feel free to consult this PDF for handy reference.  To learn more about Unistrut closure strips, request pricing, or place an order, contact Unistrut Service Company for additional assistance."