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Fall is fast approaching which means winter is right around the corner. S-5!® snow retention systems allow businesses to help protect their building and its occupants by reducing the chances of accidents and damage caused by falling snow and other related issues.

S-5! snow guard systems can make a massive difference in protecting people, landscapes, gutters, adjacent roofs, and vehicles, but your system can’t help you deal with the snow if its already sitting on your roof. Here’s why you shouldn’t wait for snowfall to install a snow retention system.

Waiting until winter to install a snow retention will pose two major issues. First, you shouldn’t wait for snowfall to invest in something that will protect your building and its occupants from that snowfall.

Second, waiting until winter can make installation more difficult. Not only will you need to spend time to clear off any snow or ice to install a snow retention system, these conditions can make traversing the roof more dangerous. Buying and installing an S-5! snow retention system in the summer helps you avoid these issues and ensure that you’ll be ready for any heavy snow fall come winter time.

Once you decide to invest in S-5! snow guarding, it’s time to determine what components you’ll need to complete your snow retention system. The S-5! Online snow retention system calculator can help you ensure that you have everything you need to complete your system so that it can be installed in plenty of time before winter. To use the calculator, you’ll need provide a few pieces of information: Roof design snow load, Panel width, Roof slope, Roof length and Assembly length.

Please Note: this calculator will also recommend the best S-5! Clamp to secure your system. The most commonly used clamps for this application are the S-5-S clamp, the S-5-U clamp, the S-5-T clamp and the S-5-V clamp.

Once you run your calculations, there are many types of S-5! snow guard systems that you can buy based on your needs. These include:

ColorGard®ColorGard is the only snow retention system good enough to be warranted for the life of the roof. Unlike other snow guards that yellow and fail over time, ColorGard’s unsurpassed holding strength controls snow migration with a perfect color-match that lasts the life of the roof.

DualGard™DualGard™ is the most versatile and reliable 1-inch, two-pipe snow retention system on the market for all standing seam roof applications. DualGard utilizes two patented S-5! mini clamps for extra strength versus other two-pipe systems. All DualGard components can be used with VersaGard™ and VersaGard™ V, offering a complete snow retention system for exposed fasten roofs.

SnoFence™S-5!’s SnoFence uses a SnoPost™ to accommodate a second SnoRod™ two inches above the first. Both SnoRail and SnoFence systems are available in brass for use on copper batten or standing seam roofs and in aluminum for other standing seam roofing materials.

SnoRail™S-5!’s snow fences feature clean lines, cylindrical shapes and a high-tech look that make them a favorite choice of architects and roof designers. Our SnoRail utilizes one Sno-Rod™ positioned just above the panel seams for maximum strength and minimal clutter.

Not only does Unistrut Service Company offer these S-5! products, we also offer design engineering services to help you invest in a snow retention system specifically for your rooftops. To request pricing information or learn more about our services, contact Unistrut about S-5! snow retention systems today.