Wind Load Rated Roof HVAC Duct Supports

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Wouldn’t it be great if there was an HVAC duct support solution wind load rated to 120 MPH that didn’t require roof penetrations and flashing?  And better yet, what if this solution came in a kit form?  If you are looking for a new approach to supporting roof HVAC ducts to address these common pain points, we have just the solution for you…

Unistrut now offers free, standing, weighted base HVAC supports.  Our adaptable and adjustable system installs in a fraction of the time required to penetrate a roof, connect steel to structure below, and flash each connection point.  Each roof duct support features:

  •          A pair of non-penetrating concrete bases which rests on a rubber pad designed to protect your roof and allow for airflow & water runoff
  •          Made in USA from genuine Unistrut Channel
  •          Constructed with 12 GA pre-galvanized or hot-dipped galvanized channel conforming to ASTM A653 G90 
  •          Load Capacity 400 pounds 
  •          Standard Size Roof Duct Supports are in Stock for Immediate Shipment



Not seeing the size you need or need a heavy-duty solution for high wind areas?  Our team of Unistrut Sales Specialists can work with you select the proper size and correct number of supports needed.  We can also engineer a solution including providing a PE stamp for a nominal charge.