Introducing the Gen2 Rooftop Warning Line System

Video Transcript:

Warning lines provide a simple, cost-effective means to visually designate safe rooftop work areas, but purchasing the wrong system can result in poor performance and OSHA fines.
It’s no secret that rooftop systems face constant exposure to the elements, and the effects of sunlight and wind can do significant damage to average warning line systems.
Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays and high winds can fade and shred vinyl caution flags.
Loop connections securing the warning line to the stanchion posts can cause line sag.
And a poor base design can result in your system tipping over, or worse yet, blowing off the roof.

The Gen2 Rooftop Warning Line System from Diversified Fall Protection addresses these common pain points to deliver a best in class solution for rooftop applications.
With warning flags manufactured from high visibility, UV resistant, rigid plastic,
Corrosion-resistant, galvanized steel stanchion posts for long service life,
Aluminum guide caps with set screws to prevent line sag,
And wind-proof, tip-proof concrete bases to ensure your warning line stays where it belongs on your roof!

Installing your Gen2 warning line is fast and easy.
Lay out your warning line using outrigger stanchions at the start and end of each system,
Place intermediate stanchions at 25-foot intervals and use corner outrigger stanchions at each 90-degree bend,
Place your warning line in the grooved section of your end post and secure it with the set screw.
Repeat this process at each stanchion, taking care to ensure each section of line is no less than 34” and no more than 39” above the walking-working surface,
Secure the flags with the clips at 6-foot intervals, and you are all set!

Take your rooftop fall protection to new heights with the Gen2 Warning Line System.

To learn more, contact the team at Diversified Fall Protection at 877-959-9379 or visit us online for more information.
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