Load and Deflection Tables for Unistrut Grating

Unistrut Grating

Most folks think channel, fittings, and hardware when they hear the word Unistrut.  When you flip through the pages of our catalog, you'll see a great deal of space dedicated to these types of products. That said, the Unistrut Framing System is also frequently used to construct rooftop walkways, mezzanines and catwalks, stairs, and crossover systems--structures incorporating Unistrut grating as the walking surface. We've already covered plank sizes, attachment methods, and design considerations in a previous Unistrut Grating post, so this time we'll focus on Load and Deflection Tables as well as Specifications.

A previous grating post prompted an interesting question:  Why doesn't Unistrut make 18" or 24" grating planks?  The answer is simple--as the width of the plank gets wider, there is a drop in load capacity.  The 6” 9” & 12” sections can be used to create these larger widths--and they carry more load with less deflection than single grating sections with greater widths. For convenient reference, download the Unistrut Grating Load and Deflection Data in PDF format or simply consult the charts below:

Loads and Deflection 6" Planks

6 inch 14 gauge grating6 inch 18 gauge grating6 inch aluminum grating 

Loads and Deflection 9" Planks

9 inch 14 gauge grating

9 inch 18 gauge grating

9 inch al grating

Loads and Deflection 12" Planks

12 inch 18 gauge grating

Architects or engineers seeking Unistrut Grating Specifications can find this information in PDF format by clicking here and scrolling to the last page of the document.  To learn more or view application photos, visit the Unistrut Grating section of our website or contact Unistrut Service Company for further assistance.