Loading Dock Fall Protection

How far does a worker need to fall in order to sustain a serious, or even fatal injury?  And while we are at it, how far does a fork lift need to fall before disaster strikes?  The answers to both of these questions is “not as far as you might think.”  All too often folks make the mistake of thinking fall protection is only a roof issue.  Roof fall protection is an important safety consideration, but remember, the fall hazards present inside most industrial and commercial facilities are serious too.  Loading docks are prime examples.

OSHA 1910 General Industry Requirements call for fall protection when workers are exposed to unprotected leading edges measuring four feet or more.  So while you are walking through your plant or warehouse training your eyes upwards, don’t forget to inspect the loading dock area too.  The next time you arrive back at work after lunch, drive by the loading dock area.  All too often, dock bay doors are left open to provide airflow.  Without adequate loading dock fall protection, this situation exposes pedestrian traffic and fork lift operators to serious fall hazards and your company is risking an OSHA citation.

Let’s return to the questions posed at the start of this post.  An absent minded worker who falls from an unprotected loading dock is likely to suffer broken bones.  A tow motor operator who accidentally drives off the edge of an unprotected dock could die.  With this in mind, what’s the easiest and most cost effective way to ensure your loading docks are OSHA compliant and employees are safe?

Diversified Fall Protection has an ideal solution for loading dock fall protection — LORGATE®.  When we started exploring loading dock applications, we noticed most of the products on the market had serious drawbacks.  Some of the other solutions you’ll see when searching the internet require lifting the safety gate while others present pinch hazards.  Our solution is simple to install and easy to use.

loading dock fall protection

Installing a LORGATE requires nothing more than a drill armed with a masonry bit and a socket wrench.  Our loading dock guardrail is also easy to use thanks to a unique design that features a fixed pivot point on one end and a rolling wheel on the other. To access the loading dock, simply remove the locking pin and roll the safety gate to the open position.  When the loading or unloading process is complete, simply roll the gate back to the closed position and apply the locking pin.  If you are looking for a cost effective and easy-to-use system to protect loading docks, put Lorgate at the top of your list.

Interested in learning more about loading dock safety gates or buying online?  Visit our e-commerce section or give us a call at 1-800-694-9274 and we’ll be glad to offer further assistance.