"New Product Update: Slotted Unistrut for 5/8"" Threaded Rod"

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Slotted Unistrut for 5/8" Threaded Rod

Unistrut is proud to announce the addition of a new style of channel specifically designed for 5/8" threaded rod.  Ideal for data centers, heavy-duty supports, and a host of other applications, the new slotted channel is sized for a  5/8" threaded rod or fastener.  This new slot pattern is available with any 1-5/8" strut profile and in all standard Unistrut metallic materials and finishes.  To request this new material, simple append your part number with "WT" to call out the piercing pattern (e.g., P1000 is expressed as P1000WT).

Since we used P100WT as an example above, we figured it would be a good idea to include some additional technical information on this combination for handy reference:P1000WT Tech Data


  1. Above loads include the weight of the member.  This weight must be deducted to arrive at the net allowable load the beam will support.
  2. Long span beams should be supported so as to prevent rotation and twist.
  3. Allowable uniformly distributed loads are listed for various simple spans, that is, a beam on two supports. If load is concentrated at the center of the span, multiply load from the table by 0.5 and corresponding deflection by 0.8.
  4. The lateral bracing factor should be multiplied by the load to determine the load retained based on the distance between lateral braces.

Bearing Load P1000WT 

To learn about slotted Unistrut Channel for 5/8" threaded rod, request pricing, or place an order, please contact Unistrut Service Company for further Assistance.