Pre-Assembly of Unistrut Rooftop Walkway Reduces Labor Costs

"Ask a handful of contractors why they use Unistrut and you'll likely receive a variety of answers. Some like the infinite adjustability of our metal channel framing system while others are quick to mention that Unistrut reduces labor costs by minimizing time spent drilling and cutting.  Unistrut also eliminates many of the headaches associated with inaccurate measurements during the quote phase (e.g., dimensional variations in areas assumed to be plumb and square).  These surprises often require costly in the field modifications, especially when working with structural steel.  These are all great reasons to use Unistrut  but our channel can save contractors time in money in yet another way:  pre-assembly.

We recently helped with the installation of a  1,000 foot rooftop walkway on a standing seam roof.  The walkway design itself was quite simple:  a standard, 2’ wide walkway consisting of P1000, P1000T, P1000SL, and non-skid grating.  The real story behind this installation was the labor savings we created for our customer.  The walkway installation could have taken well over a month, but by pre-assembling the Unistrut to the grating, our customer was able to lift pre-staged, 20 foot sections into position, and bolt each section to the roof seams using a standard S-5 clamp.  We estimate that pre-assembly of the rooftop walkway saved our client 40 man days of field labor.

pre-assembled unistrut rooftop walkway kittingpre-assembled rooftop walkway

It is easy to get caught up in the design and installation benefits of Unistrut channel because our framing channel is so versatile.  Yes, working with Unistrut will save time by eliminating the need to cut, drill, and weld, but these aren’t the only reasons our metal framing system is ideal for so many projects.  If you are looking at an upcoming project with high labor costs, give us a call.  We can kit, stage, and even pre-assemble significant portions of your installation in our shop.   To learn more about these value added services or discuss your upcoming project, contact Unistrut Service Company for more information."