Protect Your Employees and Your Roof With A Unistrut Rooftop Walkway

There are a variety of ways to provide rooftop access for maintenance personnel charged with the inspection, maintenance, and repair of HVAC equipment, air handling systems, pipes, and communications towers, but guaranteeing the safety of your employees and contractors while preventing damage to your roof can pose significant challenges. Some of the common solutions we see during our field visits include rubber pads, which can trap water or become covered during snowy weather, and wooden structures or patio blocks don’t hold up well to exposure to heat and moisture.  We also see walkways constructed from structural steel which adds significant loads to both the roof and the support structure below.

We recently completed the installation of a 200’ Unistrut rooftop walkway structure for a facility in Columbus, Ohio that was constructed from Unistrut P1000t, P1031, and plank grating.  This new rooftop walkway attaches to the roof seams using non-penetrating clamps and allows workers of all sizes to safely walk on the roof in all types of weather without damaging the roof.  These same systems work equally well on membrane, built-up, foam and coated roofs because the walkways protect against puncture, abrasion and wear along while providing a safe, clearly defined, anti-skid walking surface.  Regardless of roof composition or pitch, there are a variety of mounting options available, including rubber bases.

Unlike fabricated structural steel walkways, a Unistrut rooftop walkway is easily installed by two workers in just a few hours, and there is no need for a crane to lift the system into place.  The modular nature of Unistrut and the material’s ease of installation also offer significant labor and materials cost savings over fabricated structural steel walkways.  A Unistrut rooftop walkway is easily re-routed as access needs change over time. If you are looking for a cost-effective rooftop solution that protects both your employees and your roof, be sure to consider the addition of a Unistrut rooftop walkway.  To learn more about the advantages of Unistrut rooftop walkway systems, discuss your project, or receive a quote, contact Unistrut for additional information.