Secure Unistrut Channel with Powers Mechanical and Adhesive Anchors

"When customers call or email to purchase Unistrut Channel, our staff is trained to ask about the application.  We do this because most Unistrut projects also require fittings and concrete anchors and we want to make sure customers have everything needed to finish their installations.  In addition to material sales, our team does a fair share of installation work in the field, so we see many of the same fabrication challenges facing contractors on a daily basis.  Many of these projects require securing Unistrut to concrete, and to ensure a safe, sturdy finished installation, you need the right anchors.

Unistrut Service Company is now offering a complete line of Powers Mechanical and Adhesive Anchors to meet all of your fastening needs.  Powers has the largest list of code compliant anchoring products, including the most ICC-ES Reports for mechanical, adhesive, and gas actuated anchoring systems.  Cost-effective and engineered for the ultimate in performance, all Powers adhesive and mechanical anchors are designed to meet, or in many instances, exceed the specifications of leading competitors, including Hilti, ITW/Red Head, and Simpson, just to name a few.  In addition to including an overview of these products here, our sister website,, offers detailed information on Powers Mechanical Anchors, Adhesive Anchors, and consumables.Powers Anchors

All of the anchoring products in the Powers line are backed by competitive pricing, outstanding delivery times, and the engineering expertise of our staff.  Feel free to visit the Anchor section of our website, or contact Unistrut Service Company for technical assistance or to place an order."