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Video Transcript:

As an OEM, you rely on vendor partners for the materials needed to produce your finished goods. 

Many of these materials are commodity items, with similar fit, form, and function that can be sourced from a host of potential suppliers,

If your projects require more than just pieces and parts…if you need a trusted partner that understands your products and business…and a team that is committed to your success…

Unistrut Service Company is a factory authorized service center that has been serving oem’s since our founding in 1940.

In addition to an extensive inventory of Unistrut channel, Telespar Square tubing, fittings, and hardware we also offer value added services designed to reduce your operational costs and increase efficiencies.

Need help with a design?  Our engineers work with OEM’s to improve existing designs and take new concepts from the drawing board to the production floor with blazing speed.

Many OEM customers also count on Unistrut service company to cut material to custom lengths which saves on freight and reduces operational costs. 

We also provide oems with fabricated parts and assemblies, as well as custom finishes including custom color powder coating and galvanizing.

By delivering ready-to-use material to your dock and leaving the heavy lifting to us, your employees can concentrate on what they do best- manufacturing your products!

To learn more about how Unistrut Service Company can reduce your operational costs and increase your manufacturing efficiencies, visit us online or give us a call at 1-800-694-9274

Unistrut Service Company,

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