Threaded Rod For Unistrut Applications

It’s pretty common to see threaded rod making its way into the design of many overhead support structures. 

If you look at the application pictures found on our website, you’ll see plenty of pictures of engineered systems with threaded rod, and regular Tech Talk Blog visitors have probably read articles explaining how to attach threaded rod to Unistrut channel.  In this post, we’ll  review basic connection strategies and discuss the various threaded rod sizes, lengths, and finishes available from Unistrut Service Company. 

Before we get into available sizes, lengths, and finishes, let’s review basic strategies for connecting threaded rod to Unistrut.  Our first strategy–a basic fixed connection–has the threaded rod entering the bottom of the channel, but doesn’t exit top side of the strut. The fixed connection works with single and double channel as well as solid and pierced sections of strut.

threaded rod 1

For applications requiring more adjustability, a through connection is a common strategy.  Unlike the basic fixed connection, the threaded rod exits the top of the strut, allowing for easy height adjustments as shown below.  The through connection works with single or back-to-back channel with holes or slots.

threaded rod 3

Use a U-shaped fitting (e.g., P1047, P1737, or P5547), to hang the threaded rod beneath the channel as shown in the drawing below.  Again, this option offers for more length adjustment than a basic fixed connection.

threaded rod 5

When connecting threaded rod to Unistrut running at an angle, the most common method is to use two P1068 fittings with a nut and bolt.  The end result—a vertical threaded rod connection to sloped or angled Unistrut channel—is a secure and highly adjustable connection.

threaded rod to strut - sloped angle

Before we take a deeper dive on threaded rod, a few disclaimers are in order.  For starters, in the chart below, you’ll notice we reference stock lengths.  That said, we have a production saw in the shop, and we can cut-to-custom length (and deburr) orders ranging from several pieces to full bundles to save you time.  You’ll also notice we list the galvanized finish as standard on most sizes, but we also offer our new, corrosion resistant Defender Finish for ½” and 3/8” rod.

Part Number Finish Size Length Weight (Lbs) /100 Feet
HTHR050-DF Defender 1/2" 6' 53.00
HTHR037-DF Defender 3/8" 6' 29.00
HTHR062-EG Electro-Galvanized 5/8" 10' 84.00
HTHR075-EG Electro-Galvanized 3/4" 12' 124.00
HTHR087-EG Electro-Galvanized 7/8" 12' 170.00
HTHR087-EG Electro-Galvanized 7/8" 10' 170.00
HTHR100 Electro-Galvanized 1" 12' 223.00
HTHR100 Electro-Galvanized 1" 10' 223.00
HTHR062 Electro-Galvanized 5/8" 12' 84.00
HTHR050 Electro-Galvanized 1/2" 12' 53.00
HTHR025 Electro-Galvanized 1/4" 10' 12.00
HTHR031 Electro-Galvanized 5/16" 10' 20.00
HTHR037 Electro-Galvanized 3/8" 10' 29.00
HTHR037 Electro-Galvanized 3/8" 12' 29.00
HTHR044 Electro-Galvanized 7/16" 12' 40.00
HTHR044 Electro-Galvanized 7/16" 10' 40.00
HTHR050 Electro-Galvanized 1/2" 10' 53.00
HTHR025 Electro-Galvanized 1/4" 12' 12.00

At Unistrut Service Company, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop.  Whether you are looking for design assistance, materials, or help with a challenging installation, our extensive selection of in-stock items and value-added services founder under one roof will save you time….and money.  To request pricing information or to place an order for threaded rod, contact Unistrut Service Company for further assistance.