Unistrut Cable Tray Support Structures

cope cable tray

Cable Tray systems are often used to support electric power, signal, control, instrumentation, and communication cables used for power distribution and communication. Unlike conduit systems, which require pulling wires and cables through a pipe, Cable Tray systems make it easy to run new lines, since the new cables are installed by laying them on a flat, open surface. This functionality makes Cable Tray systems ideal for data centers or applications where cables and wires need frequent replacement or re-routing.

Generally speaking, it is easy to identify applications where cable tray is a viable solution and select a manufacturer to supply the appropriate material.  In fact, we feature Cope Cable Tray on our website and recommend this material on a regular basis. The more complex part of the equation is designing and installing an appropriate support structure for the cable tray. The clients who tend to struggle with design details are the ones that send generic specifications calling for a support structure made from Unistrut channel. The illustration below is a perfect example:illustration of cable tray support system drawing

By better explaining the product's intended use, including length, width, height, and load data to our engineers, we can accurately quote a solution for your cable tray support system.

One of the obvious advantages of fabricating cable tray support structures with Unistrut is that we can easily achieve custom dimensions due to the infinitely adjustable nature of our strut.  You’ll avoid welding (which saves time and money), and if you require a last minute alteration to your plans, the system can be re-worked in the field.

Cable Tray support systems are ideal candidates for our Design and Materials Program. DM is a turnkey service that combines a proven, engineered design with all the channel and fasteners needed to complete a given project.  Our service center team can also cut material to custom lengths, kit, and bundle strut for fast and easy installation too.

To learn more about our Design and Materials Program, or to discuss a cable tray support application with our friendly staff, contact Unistrut Service Company for further assistance."