Unistrut CAD Files

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A customer recently contacted Unistrut Service Company of Ohio inquiring about the availability of CAD files.

CAD files can be helpful in the design phase, allowing a design engineer to determine which Unistrut channel, fitting, or fastener will be best suited for a specific application.  Although Unistrut Service Company of Ohio does not offer 3-D CAD files, a wide range of 2-D CAD files are available to help determine which Unistrut channel or material will work best for your project.  Whether your design calls for a CAD file of a popular, common part number such as our Unistrut 1-5/8" P1000 channel, or a P1045 Z Fitting, or a P1006 Spring Nut, or more infrequently specified part numbers, our goal is to ensure you specify the right Unistrut part numbers for your project.  We now offer a wide range of Unistrut  CAD files in DWG and DWX formats.  Unistrut CAD files are available here.

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