Unistrut Channel Nuts for 1/2"" Hardware

When contractors and engineers hear the name Unistrut, their minds usually go to our strong and versatile metal framing channel that has been used for a wide range of applications since the 1920s.

Channel is indeed the heart and soul of the Unistrut framing system, but the best channel in the world is of no use if you can’t connect pieces together, or attach hardware and fittings to your strut.  Performing this task requires use of channel nuts.   This post describes some of the different channel nuts that use ½” hardware.  Unistrut manufactures channel nuts with and without springs for ½” hardware applications.  The spring serves as a third hand, holding the nut firmly in place during installations.  Some of our customers prefer spring loaded channel nuts (think one-handed installations from a ladder where having the nut hold in place is important) while others prefer spring-free or plain options (spring loaded channel nuts can be a hassle when you are using channel with slots or holes).  The choice between springs and the plain style really boils down to installer preference.

  Here are some of the Unistrut Channel Nut options with a spring:

  • Unistrut P1010:  compatible with P1000, P1100, P2000 and P3000 channel
  • Unistrut P4010:  designed for use with P3300, P4000, P4400, P4520, P4100 channel
  • Unistrut P5510:  for use with P5000 and P5500 channel

 For those preferring Unistrut Channel Nut for ½” hardware without springs, consider the following part numbers:

  • Unistrut P3010 is designed for use with any channel except P3300, P4000, P4400, P4520, P4100
  • Unistrut P3013 is compatible with P3300, P4000, P4400, P4520, P4100. The P3013 is similar to the P3010, but it is thinner
  • Unistrut P1010t will work with any channel except P3300, P4000, P4400, P4520 and P4100.  These channel nuts are commonly referred to as a “top grip nut”
  • Unistrut P4010t is made for applications using P3300, P4000, P4400, P4520, P4100 channel.   This part is another example of a top grip nut

We have posted a pdf of our available Unistrut channel nuts, which can be accessed from this link.The Unistrut System is incredibly versatile and our vast product offering frees up engineers and contractors to make just about anything imaginable.  As we often say, if you can imagine it, chances are good you can build it with Unistrut.  At the same time, we know that our vast catalog can seem a bit intimidating, especially for folks who are Unistrut newbies.  If you have questions about which channel nut is right for your specific application, require pricing, or would like to place an order, we are just a click or call away at 1-800-694-9274.  We’d love to hear from you!