Unistrut For Floor Mounted Support Applications

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Although many of our Tech Talk articles focus on overhead or ceiling mounted support structures, Unistrut is equally effective for floor mounted applications.  It’s pretty easy to appreciate both the installation challenges and the safety angles associated with overhead support structures designed for equipment weighing hundreds or thousands of pounds, but what about the flip side?  A good example of this type of work can be found in server rooms which feature raised floors and floor mounted support structures. 

The pictures below are from an installation Unistrut Service Company did for BASF in Elyria, Ohio.  One of the main challenges presented by this installation involved the coordination with the Electrical Engineers and Electrical Contractors.  Our installation team arrived at the facility in advance to lay out the posts so the electricians would have a reference point.  Once the electrical contractors started, we were then able to install the equipment supports and the floor.  This installation was particularly challenging because it involved miles of line and a hundred feet of cable tray.  In addition, because this was a new server room at an existing facility, it was important for the project to go smoothly to avoid service interruptions and make a fast transition to the new space.

Cable Tray Installation

A high degree of coordination was needed in order to convert the massive pile of Cope Cable Tray, equipment support stands, and access floor posts into a finished product.

The finished 600 square foot installation was completed in just a few days. Cool air is flowing beneath the floor’s surface, which in turn, is keeping the BASF servers humming along.  Here is a partial bill of materials used for this project:  Unistrut P2346, P4101, P1001P1000, P2224, P2228, P1068, P2324, P1924, and Powers Fasteners Power-Stud+ SD2 Anchors.

The Power-Stud+ SD2 mechanical anchor is a fully threaded, one piece, wedge style anchor designed specifically for concrete applications.   The Powers mechanical anchors performed flawlessly in the field, providing a secure connection to the concrete.  These anchors offer exceptional value when compared to some of the other big name brands that are commercially available.

Control Room: One equipment support and 600 square feet of access floor

Control Room: One equipment support and 600 square feet of access floor[/caption]As this installation case study shows, Unistrut materials are designed to work where and when you need them.  Whether your support structure installation is overhead, wall mounted, or underfoot, we have the design and installation expertise to successfully install one of the world’s most versatile building materials—Unistrut.  To learn more about floor mounted Unistrut installations, or to discuss your upcoming projects, contact the experts at Unistrut Service Company for a no-obligation consultation.