Unistrut: Proudly Made in the USA

We recently received an e-mail from one of our customers asking about the domestic content of Unistrut framing channel and fittings.  Our customer has approximately 2000 feet of strut, plus hundreds of fittings on his jobsite, and was wondering if this material was Made In The USA.

He was afraid that his material was foreign made, but his project required USA made materials according to the Buy American Act. Since all Unistrut, including the P1000 and P1001 that he had onsite has the Unistrut name and part number stamped into it, he was able to identify this material as Genuine Unistrut materials, and was able to utilize this material on his project.  We do not supply written documentation verifying the domestic origin of strut that has not been purchased from Unistrut Ohio, but when orders are placed through us, we can provide documentation upon request.