Unistrut Rooftop Solutions for HVAC Contractors

Most of us don’t give rooftop HVAC units much thought until they malfunction or require maintenance.  What are the maintenance challenges presented by rooftop HVAC systems and how can Unistrut solve typical problems facing today's HVAC contractor?

Placing HVAC units too close to the roof's surface can decrease system efficiency and lead to premature failure of critical components.  Remember, HVAC systems rely on a steady and constant flow of cool air for maximum efficiency and lower operating temperatures.  Elevating the system with dunnage supports not only provides adequate airflow; it also protects internal components from corrosion due to prolonged exposure to standing water as well as snow and ice during winter months.  Some HVAC contractors rely on wooden sleepers and concrete pavers for elevation, but this approach often interferes with proper drainage, creating standing water that can cause premature roof wear.  Unistrut Service Company solves these challenges with fully adjustable, non-penetrating rooftop dunnage systems specifically designed for HVAC applications. 

Using a combination of Unistrut channel, fittings, and rubber mounting bases, we can achieve custom lengths, widths, and heights to meet your specific rooftop dunnage requirements as shown in the pictures below:

Rooftop HVAC Dunnage  HVAC Dunnage Made With Unistrut Channel

The threaded rod feature of this dunnage support allows for easy adjustments to the HVAC unit's elevation.[/caption]The HVAC dunnage systems shown in the pictures above are compatible with all roofing materials, and our rooftop support systems work equally well on new and retrofit applications.Although much of the previous discussion has focused on protecting HVAC units from the effects of heat build-up and moisture, we offer additional systems to protect both your roof and personnel too.  As previously mentioned, one of the key advantages to our rooftop dunnage solutions is a non-penetrating design that minimizes the risk of leaks.  By combining Unistrut channel and grating, we can create a designated path that protects the roofing system from damaging foot traffic.  Unistrut Rooftop walkways are modular in design, which in turn allows us to work easily around elevation changes, pipe racks, and other obstructions typically found on commercial roofs.  A Unistrut design also means fast and easy installation (without welding) and reduced loads that can harm the roof’s surface.  Rooftop walkways from Unistrut Service Company are ideal for all roofing materials, including built-up, rubber membrane and urethane foam systems as well as standing seam metal.

Unistrut Rooftop Walkway for Standing Seam Metal Roof

roof walkway system with pipe rack crossover

This rooftop walkway also includes a cross over section to allow workers to safely walk over a pipe rack. Non-penetrating bases evenly distribute the system's load and protect the roof from damage. In addition to the systems that protect HVAC equipment and expensive, commercial roofing systems, our sister company, Diversified Fall Protection, also offers portable guardrail solutions that protect your most important investment—your people.  In many instances, HVAC units are placed near exposed leading edges that expose repair technicians to fall hazards.   Our non-penetrating rooftop guardrail systems are easy to install and offer a perfect solution for temporary and permanent fall protection applications.  Our portable guardrail is also compatible with all roofing materials and fully OSHA compliant.

portable rooftop guardrail for HVAC application

A portable guardrail system creates safe, OSHA compliant access to this rooftop HVAC unit.[/caption]Whether you are an HVAC contractor requiring dunnage supports, a rooftop walkway, or individual guardrail sections and bases, Unistrut Service Company has the proper mix of solutions to protect your client's roof, ensure OSHA compliance, and safeguard your repair technicians.  To learn more about our rooftop solutions, contact Unistrut Service Company for further assistance