Unistrut Submittal Sheets

A recent email from a customer requesting a submittal sheet for Unistrut P1000 got us all thinking—submittals are important tools in the building trade, but do folks know where to find this important information on our website? 

Contractors, architects, and engineers use submittals to verify technical information usually not included in original design documents.  We offer a wide range of submittals for Unistrut channel, clamps, channel nuts, fittings, and related hardware in our comprehensive PDF Library. Below, is a screen capture illustrating the type of technical information found in a typical Unistrut Submittal sheet?  You’ll notice that we include dimensional information and a description of available finishes.  The bottom portion of the submittal is reserved for sign-off purposes and an approval stamp.

Unistrut P1000 Submittal

If you are experiencing difficulty locating a submittal for a Unistrut product, please contact Unistrut Service Company for further assistance.