What is the difference between Telestrut and Telespar?

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Most contractors and engineers familiar with Unistrut know that we offer metal framing channel in a wide range of sizes, finishes, and materials, but not everybody is familiar with our Telestrut and Telespar square tubing

Although these products look similar, there are important differences between these different styles of telescoping tubing.  This post will help you differentiate the key differences between Telestrut and Telespar so you can select the proper material for your next application.

Telespar comes in six sizes, from 1-1/4” to 2-1/2” square.  Available in 12 gauge steel, Telespar is suitable for a variety of industrial applications, including simple racks, interior partitions, adjustable sign supports, platforms, and hangers.  Telespar comes in plain (PL) and pre-galvanized zinc (PG) finishes in perforated and solid 12 or 24-foot sections.  We also offer fittings and fasteners that are compatible with the Telespar product line.Telestrut looks very similar to Telespar, but this product is compatible with Unistrut 1-5/8” square channel, as well as Unistrut fittings and hardware. Telestrut is perforated square steel tubing designed to telescope with Unistrut P1000, P1100, P4001, and P4101 channel.  You can also pair Telestrut’s P9200 (1-7/8” square) and P9000 (1-5/8” square) to form a telescoping unit. Telestrut is available in Unistrut PL (Plain), GR (Perma-Green II) and PG (Pre-Galvanized Zinc) finishes.

Important Notes

  • Telestrut is Unistrut compatible whereas Telespar does not pair with Unistrut channel, fittings, and hardware.
  • Telestrut only comes perforated—Telespar is available in perforated and non-perforated configurations.
  • Telestrut does not telescope with Unistrut channel in HG or GR finishes.
  • Telestrut is available in 10 or 20 foot lengths, while Telespar is only available in 12 or 24 foot lengths.

Unistrut P9000 and P9200 

Telestrut Telescoping with Unistrut Channel 

Our complete line of telescoping square metal channel, fittings, and hardware is ideal for countless applications, but sometimes clients also need engineering assistance to take their design concept from the drawing board to finished completion.  This is where our Design and Materials Service shines.  By partnering with our team of Unistrut experts, we can perform all of the calculations required to determine the suitability of a given design.  We can also create engineered drawings, and our service center team can kit and bundle your Unistrut materials for added convenience and ease of assembly.Although many of the projects featured in our Tech Talk blog are industrial or commercial in nature, our Design and Material Program played an important part in the recent introduction of a new product called Free Weight Spotter.  In this instance, our client wanted to use telescoping square tubing to build a system for the physical fitness market sector.The Free Weight Spotter system suspends free weights with chains and 2-1/2” square Telespar.  The safety system prevents the weights from dropping and harming a user during a work-out as shown in the pictures below:

free weight spotter built with Telespar

free weight spotter suspending dumbells

Rolling out a new product in a competitive market sector is never easy.  But thanks to our Design and Materials Program, the owners of the Free Weight Spotter System had confidence in their ability to deliver a safe and innovative new product to their customers. If you have a great idea for a new product but need engineering assistance to bring your concept to market, contact the design experts at Unistrut Service Company.  We have years of experience working with Unistrut products, and our engineering capabilities are unparalleled in the industry.  To learn more about telescoping square tubing or our Design and Materials Program, contact Unistrut Service Company for further assistance.