What is the Load Rating for Unistrut Trolleys?

One of the most popular product lines in our online store is Unistrut Trolleys. And out of the many sizes, the most popular is the heavy duty, 4-wheel trolley. Our P2950.


The most frequently asked question in regards to the P2950 is “What is the load rating?”


The design load rating of the P2950 is dependent upon the speed at which the trolley travels…


  •          At 30 FPM (feet per minute) the design load rating in P1000 channel is 600 lbs.
  •          At 90 FPM the design load rating in Unistrut P1000 channel is 450 lbs.
  •          At 180 FPM the design load rating in Unistrut P1000 channel is 300 lbs.



All of the trolley design ratings are for a load hanging straight down. They are not designed for any angular or lateral loads and are not rated for impact forces. All trolleys feature a stainless-steel wheel bearing design that require no lubrication. This provides a smooth, maintenance-free operation and longevity.

One of the best things about trolleys from Unistrut is the ease of designing a complete system. Unistrut offers the complete system: trolleys, tracks and supports. When trolleys are paired with Unistrut channel track, the inturned edges form strong, low-friction bearing surfaces. These trolleys are engineered to accommodate a wide variety or tools, doors, curtains and fixtures.

 Trolleys are ideal for many application including lubrication systems, material transfer, welding curtains, die handling, rolling doors, moveable dividers and much more.

 You can see the load charts for all of the different trolleys on page 102 of the engineering catalog. For further assistance with your trolley application or for any questions, please reach out to our team.


Note:  FPM = feet per minute.