Why Spring and Summer is Best for Buying a Snow Retention System

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Snow accumulation is a serious problem for rooftops across the country. S-5!® snow retention systems allow businesses to help protect their building and its occupants by reducing the chances of accidents and damage caused by falling snow and other related issues.

Although S-5! Systems are made to deal with snow, you don’t have to wait for winter to get a roof ready for wintry elements. Spring and summer are the most advantageous times to invest in S-5! for your buildings. Here’s why you shouldn’t wait for snowfall to install a snow retention system.

The Benefits of Being Proactive with an S-5! Snow Retention System

There are a few issues with waiting until winter to buy a snow retention system. First, you shouldn’t wait for snowfall to invest in something that will protect your building and its occupants from that snowfall. S-5! snow guard systems can make a massive difference in protecting people, landscapes, gutters, adjacent roofs, and vehicles, but your system can’t help you deal with the snow that already sits on your roof.

By buying and installing S-5! snow guarding in the spring or summer, you can avoid both the initial snowfall and any other precipitation that happens while you deal with any lead times. In the time that your S-5! system is shipped and installed, you could have several inches of snow sitting on your roof. A proactive investment in a snow retention system eliminates the waiting game that can occur if you purchase it at the first sign of snow.

Second, waiting until winter can make installation more difficult. Not only will you need to spend time to clear off any snow or ice to install a snow retention system, these conditions can make traversing the roof more dangerous. Buying and installing an S-5! snow retention system in the summer helps you avoid these issues. If it rains in the summer, you can wait until a sunny day to complete an installation. During winter, a delay means that there may be even more snow and ice on your roof that can fall off at any given moment.

What Do You Need to Get Your System in Place?

Once you decide to invest in S-5! snow guarding, it’s time to determine what components you’ll need to complete your snow retention system. The S-5! Online snow retention system calculator can help you ensure that you have everything you need to complete your system so that it can be installed in plenty of time before winter. To use the calculator, you’ll need provide a few pieces of information:

  • Roof design snow load
  • Panel width
  • Roof slope
  • Roof length
  • Assembly length

Please Note: this calculator will also recommend the best S-5! Clamp to secure your system.

Once you run your calculations, there are many types of S-5! snow guard systems that you can buy based on your needs. These include:

ColorGard snow retention system.


DualGard snow retention system.


SnoFence snow retention system.


SnoRail snow retention system.


VersaGard snow retention system.


X-Gard 1.0 one-pipe snow retention system.

X-Gard™ 1.0

X-Gard 2.0 two-pipe snow retention system.

X-Gard™ 2.0

Not only does Unistrut Service Company offer these S-5! products, we also offer design engineering services to help you invest in a snow retention system specifically for your rooftops. To request pricing information or learn more about our services, contact Unistrut about S-5! snow retention systems today.