P1001A3 - 1-5/8" x 4 7/8", 12 Gauge, Triple Combination
P1001A3 - 1-5/8" x 4 7/8", 12 Gauge, Triple Combination


P1001A3 - 1-5/8" x 4 7/8", 12 Gauge, Triple Combination

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Finish:Perma-Green® III



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12 Gauge Solid Triple Strut Channel P1001A3 (triple combination), often known as 12 gauge standard or deep back-to-back strut channel, is ideal for supporting large loads across long spans, its versatility with 3 open face areas for connections, and avoids welding on the jobsite.


  • 3-sided attachment
  • Product dimensions are 4 7/8" Long x 1 5/8" Wide x 12 ga. thick; triple combination
  • Our P1001A3 is available in Pre-Galvanized (PG), Hot-Dip Galvanized (HG), Plain (PL), Green (GR), Zinc Dichromate (ZD) and Stainless Steel (SS).
  • High capacity for heavy load requirements
  • Made in the USA

Brands Available:

  • Unistrut


Elements of Section

Elements of Section - P1001A3
Area of Section 1.666 in2
  Axis 1-1 Axix 2-2
Moment of Inertia (I) 3.176 in4 0.660 in4
Section Modulus (S) 1.303 in3 0.779 in3
Radius of Gyration (r) 1.381 in 0.629 in

General Specifications

Standard Lengths:

  • 10 feet:  10' or 10’ 1/8” (3.05m) ± 1/8" (3 mm)
  • 20 feet:  20' or 20’ 3/8” (6.11m) ± 1/8" (3 mm)

Special Lengths:

Curved Channel:

  • Many Unistrut channel sections can be supplied with a curve. Click here for our ordering form, specifications, and instructions.

Load Data: 

  • All beam and column load data pertains to carbon steel and stainless steel channels.
  • Load tables apply only to UNISTRUT brand channel. Look for "UNISTRUT" on the product.
  • Load tables and charts are constructed to be in accordance with the SPECIFICATION FOR THE DESIGN OF COLD-FORMED STEEL STRUCTURAL MEMBERS 2007 EDITION published by the AMERICAN IRON AND STEEL INSTITUTE USING ASD METHOD.
  • Loads are based on 33 ksi steel cold formed to 42 ksi.
  • Safety Factor to Yield Strength is 1.67 for Beam Loads and 1.80 for Column Loads.
  • Beam loads are based on a simple beam and are given as a total uniform load (W) in pounds. For proper calculation procedures, refer to our Beam Load Calculation Guide under Resources.
  • For bearing loads, reference our bearing loads page.


  • Welded channels are spot welded 2" (51 mm) or 3" (76 mm) on-center.  


Materials & Finishes

Materials & Finishes - Standard:

  • Pregalvanized (PG):  Conforms to ASTM A653 SS GR 33, G90.
  • Unistrut Defender (DF):  Conforms to ASTM A1046 SS GR 33
  • Hot Dip Galvanized (HG):  Steel conforms to ASTM A1011 SS GR 33, Finish conforms to ASTM A123
  • Perma-Green (GR):  Steel conforms to ASTM A1011 SS GR 33, E-Coat finish
  • Perma-Gold (ZD):  Steel conforms to ASTM A1011 SS GR 33, Finish conforms to ASTM B633, Type II SC3
  • Plain (PL):  Conforms to ASTM A1011 SS GR 33
Materials & Finishes - Special Metals:
  • Stainless Steel, Type 304 (SS):  ASTM A240, Type 304 *
  • Stainless Steel, Type 316 (ST):  ASTM A240, Type 316 *
  • Aluminum (EA):  ASTM B221, Type 6063-T6 (Extruded) *

* These materials have different physical properties and performance characteristics. Please contact us for design support.