A Challenging Ceiling Grid Installation: Post-Tension Concrete

Ceiling Grid Installation

Anchoring ceiling grids to concrete is sometimes easier said than done.  Concrete slabs are often strengthened using a process called post tensioning.  This method makes use of embedded high strength steel cables to reinforce the concrete slab.  Although this construction technique produces concrete sections with excellent structural integrity, locating hidden post-tension cables (and rebar or conduit for that matter) in concrete is difficult.  Making contact with post-tension tendons when drilling holes can have disastrous results, including catastrophic failure of overhead concrete panels.

Unistrut Ceiling Grid

We recently installed a ceiling grid for a simulation lab at the Cleveland Clinic.  This new training area was designed with an exposed ceiling grid for overhead medical equipment.  Because the ceiling was constructed using post-tension concrete slabs, we had to locate the cables prior to installing the ceiling grid.  Our installers used a Hilti PS 30 Ferrodetector to locate the cables and rebar in the concrete.  We then used Hilti KB-TZ Anchors to secure the Unistrut to the concrete.  The 18' x 20' grid was constructed from Unistrut P10001, P1028, and P1036.  The grid was also painted white to give the room a clean, contemporary look and feel.  This seemingly simple project presented "hidden challenges" that weren't visible to the eye.  Unistrut Service Company's winning combination of quality Unistrut and Hilti products and our team of highly skilled design engineers and installers ensured the success of this installation.  Does your project require a ceiling grid, or do you have more questions about securing anchors in post-tension concrete?  We welcome your challenge.  Contact Unistrut Service Company to discuss your project or to request a quote."