Unistrut Overhead Support Structure / Storage Rack System Installation

Art Museum Overhead Support Structure

The Akron Art museum recently contacted Unistrut Service Company to design and install an overhead support structure/storage racking system.  Aluminum extruded Spacesaver rails attached to the support grid allow curators to pull sections of the storage system into an open area to access the artwork.  This mobile system combines compact storage with ease of access.

This project was difficult as the concrete floor above contains a radiant heating system.  Precise measurements were taken, and our installers drilled holes to avoid penetrating the radiant heat tubing.  A piece of rod was then inserted into each hole was filled with Hilti HIT-HY150.  Hilti's HIT-HY150 is a quick cure hybrid adhesive used to anchor rod, rebar, and threaded insert into concrete. 

Unistrut Ceiling Support Structure With Racks

The anchoring system performed flawlessly and was pull tested by an independent company with 100% success.  The finished overhead support grid measures 30' x 40' and was constructed using Unistrut P1000, P1001, P1737, P1326, and P1068.  The finished system looked like this appears to the right.

Unistrut materials and Hilti adhesive anchoring products were combined with expert installation staff, making this overhead support structure a success.  To learn more about overhead support grids, or to request a quote, contact Unistrut Service Company for more information.