Attaching Unistrut Channel to Structural Steel with Beam Clamps

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Although Unistrut Service Company clients often associate us with competitive pricing and lightning-quick delivery of channel and related hardware, we offer much more than material sales.

All of the team members here are problem solvers, and we apply years of installation and engineering experience daily to help clients with even the most puzzling construction challenges.  In many cases, folks understand that Unistrut is the proper material for their application, but they wonder about the best way to attach strut to wide-flange I-Beams with Unistrut Beam Clamps.

Attaching Unistrut Channel to structural steel beams is common, and like most other tasks, there are multiple ways to make a strut-to-beam connection.  In the contracting world, there is an emphasis on getting things done as inexpensively as possible, and so we often hear stories about folks using welding and drilling to attach channel to beam clamps.  On the surface, these strategies may seem viable, but there are faster and more cost-effective options available.

If you have the right talent on your crew, welding channel to the beam is an option.  Welding might seem like a simple solution, but you’ll need to remove the firestopping to create a solid weld.  Welding also requires spot watchers, fire blankets, and the process creates dangerous fumes.  There are OSHA safety considerations, and you’ll need to keep people away from the work area too.  Welding also requires precise positioning of the strut, and if another contractor moves a critical section of HVAC ductwork or pipe, a welded connection becomes a headache and a time waster for your crew.

Another option is using a Mag Drill, or a Slugger Drill, to create the holes to bolt strut to channel.  Again, this option sounds simple, but it requires special equipment, and it takes time to drill holes through thick steel beams.  Mag drilling requires even more firestop removal than welding because the drill is so large.  Holes also weaken the structural integrity of the I-Beams, and any re-routing of MEP by other contractors may require drilling new holes and moving channel. A third option is securing strut with Unistrut Beam Clamps.  Sometimes contractors initially balk at this suggestion, but when you calculate the time and labor savings, Beam Clamps are often the most cost-effective solution.  Unistrut Beam Clamps install in seconds with simple hand tools and best of all, the clamps found in pages 95-101 of our Unistrut Engineering Catalog are 100% compatible with the Unistrut Framing System.

Some of the most popular Unistrut Beam Clamps Include:


Unistrut P2785


Unistrut P2786


Unistrut P2787


Unistrut P1386

The part numbers shown above are just a sampling of the more popular beam clamps you will find in the Unistrut Engineering Catalog.  To see our complete offering, download the Unistrut Beam Clamp Catalog. Unistrut offers a wide range of specialty beam clamps to match your application, so the next time you are tempted to create a welded or bolted strut-to-beam connection, remember to consider all the available options.  To learn more about Unistrut Beam Clamps, request pricing information, or place an order, contact Unistrut Service Company for further assistance.