Building a Server Room with Unistrut Prime Angle

Many of our Tech Talk articles describe installations utilizing Unistrut Channel, but there are cases where we utilize another Unistrut product called Prime Angle to complete projects.  Prime Angle is a slotted angle metal framing system featuring punched holes throughout each section of material.  Prime Angle comes in standard 10’ and 12’ lengths with pre-galvanized and acrylic green finishes; and just like Unistrut Channel, Prime Angle requires no drilling, welding, or special tools for assembly.  In fact, construction of an entire support structure requires nothing more than a 9/16” wrench.  To illustrate the versatility and potential uses for Prime Angle, this article explores a recent server room installation for one of our clients.

One of the most challenging aspects of this installation was that space was not originally designed as a server room.  Servers generate large amounts of heat, and this type of equipment will fail without a cool operating environment.  To put the cooling requirements of a typical server farm or data center in perspective, for every kilobyte of electricity used to power data processing equipment, an additional kilobyte of electricity is needed to cool the servers. In this case, our client had two options: (1) purchase and maintain an additional rooftop HVAC unit or (2) partition the server room area in such a way that cool and warm air could be directed and contained where needed to ensure proper functioning of the equipment. Our client elected to partition the existing room to keep the hot and cold air where desired. We used standard p2346 post bases and attached them to the Tate Access Floor. The partition structures were created using P1000 and P1001, along with Prime Angle PA 238 that allowed for easy attachment of plastic containment strips with standard hardware as shown in the pictures below.

primeangle 2primeangle 1

The mechanical engineers measured the temperatures at the end of the project and determined that the strips and support system gave them the desired end result—a cool operating environment that will ensure efficient and safe operation of our client’s servers. This is just one example of how we use Prime Angle to help our clients solve even the most vexing design challenges.  From shelving and racking to server rooms and other support structures with light to medium load ratings, Prime Angle offers the same modular design and infinite length flexibility found in Unistrut Channel.  Why weld, cut, and fabricate using traditional structural steel when there is a faster, more efficient path to completing your project?  To learn more about Prime Angle, including pricing and suitability for your application, contact Unistrut Service Company for more information.