Featured Part of the Month: Unistrut End Caps

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In a previous post discussing how to give your project a professional, finished appearance we explored Unistrut Closure Strips.  This month’s featured part revisits finishing strategies and explains how Unistrut end caps give your project a finished look and take care of sharp edges too.  Unistrut End Caps come in two basic styles:  closures that cover the entire end of the channel and frame caps that cover the end edges of the strut as shown below:

Unistrut End Cap Styles

P2859-10 Frame Cap & P1280A End Cap
Both of these part numbers are compatible with P1000

Unistrut End Caps Catalog 1

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When ordering or specifying, please remember to ensure that your selection is compatible you’re your Unistrut channel.  If you have questions or need to place an order for end caps or frame caps, contact Unistrut Service Company for additional assistance.