Building an Access Platform with Unistrut

"If you ask a random sampling of your colleagues at work about the one thing they wish they had more of, you are likely to hear the same thing—time.  At Unistrut Service Company, we have been saving clients time since our founding in 1940.  All of the channel, fittings, and hardware making up the Unistrut framing system are timesavers, and we offer value-added services to save clients time too.  The access platform one of our clients recently completed is a case in point.

Folks design and build projects with Unistrut because it is easy.  If you browse through the pages of the Unistrut General Engineering Catalog, you’ll find just about everything needed to make a simple framed structure.  Once the materials arrive, the system assembles with a simple hand wrench, and you can even make adjustments along the way if your intended design requires modifications. That said, not everyone has the time or expertise to create the drawings and select the proper materials to complete a project.  This is where our Design and Materials service shines.

In this case, our client knew they needed an 18-foot access platform to provide maintenance with a safe work area to inspect and maintain valves and process equipment.  Our client was willing to assemble the access platform but didn’t have the time or expertise to engineer the system and specify the proper channel, fittings, and hardware.   For a nominal fee, our engineers prepared drawings and our shop team cut the channel and grating to length and boxed the fittings and hardware for shipment. 

When the drawings and materials arrived courtesy of our Design and Materials Program, our client had everything needed to make short work of their access platform project.  Below is a picture of the finished project:

Unistrut Access Platform

As you can tell from the picture, the access platform is just tall enough that maintenance personnel no longer need to use a step ladder to perform their work.  The finished project was assembled in several hours, and the access platform will provide years of reliable service.  Best of all, our client built their custom access platform with confidence because we supplied everything in kit form. Obviously, this was an application specific design, and you may never need an access platform at your facility.  That said, our Design and Materials Program can help with a wide variety of projects ranging from storage racks and decorative grids to rooftop walkways and catwalks. With proper drawings and correct Unistrut materials in hand, you’ll save time and money on installation costs too. To take advantage of our Design and Materials Program, just submit a rough sketch of your drawing (with known dimensions), and one of our team members will contact you to discuss pricing and prepare a quote."