Unistrut Storage Racks: Fire Truck Applications

Unistrut is a complete framing system that offers a wide selection of channel materials and finishes, as well as a vast array of fittings and hardware to suit every application.   If you pour through the pages of the Unistrut General Engineering Catalog, you’ll see what we mean.  Unistrut is often associated with roof walkways, catwalks and mezzanines, ceiling grids, and medical equipment supports, but for every “typical” application, you’ll find just as many “outlier” applications.  One of our local fire departments provides a case in point.

The strut purchasing patterns of a local fire department piqued our curiosity.  We know that OEM's use Unistrut to fabricate adjustable rack systems on fire trucks but we didn't know if the crew down at the local firehouse was using the material for contractor jobs or to customize storage compartments on their rigs.  We decided to pay them a visit to satisfy our curiosity, and this is what we found:

fire truck storage compartment unistrutunistrut rack for storage compartmentstorage compartments unistut framing

It turns out firefighters are creatures of habit.  During an emergency, every second can mean the difference between life and death, so firefighters want each piece of equipment stored in a precise location. When duty calls, instinct takes over, and first responders open a given compartment to find the proper gear. Sometimes the existing OEM storage systems built into the trucks suffice, but in other cases, additional modification is required.

fire truck

If you have spent time with firefighters, you know most of them are pretty good at building things.  Down at our local firehouse, the crew takes full advantage of the Unistrut framing system to customize each storage compartment to their liking.  Here’s a partial list of the materials they use to modify the storage compartments on their fire trucks:

Obviously, most of us don’t perform aftermarket modifications to fire truck storage systems, and not all of us are OEM’s.  That said, our visit to the fire department is proof positive that armed with a Unistrut General Engineering Catalog and a reliable source for Unistrut channel, fittings, and hardware, the structures you can build are limited only by your imagination.

Don’t Have Design Skills But Still Want to Build With Unistrut?

We also understand that some folks are better at assembly than designing structures, so as a gentle reminder, we welcome the opportunity to put together a quote for your design work too.  To request a quote on design and materials for your project, simply send us a rough drawing that illustrates what you are looking to build, use the comments box to include any additional details, and we’ll provide pricing information on the drawings and materials required to complete your project. Unistrut is not only the inventor of the original metal framing system—we’ve been the market leader for over 90 years and with good reason.  Unistrut channel, fittings, and hardware can accommodate most any framing application you can imagine, and when you combine superior materials with our design services, there isn’t a project you can’t tackle.  To discuss an upcoming project, contact Unistrut Service Company for further assistance.