Buy Unistrut Materials and Safety Products

Although most of our customers know us for offering a complete line of Unistrut channel, fittings, and hardware, we also offer additional products to keep your employees safe at work and on the job site.  This post focuses on two of our most popular safety product lines—Roof Guardrail and Fall Protection PPE (personal protective equipment).



Rooftop Guardrail is a simple, cost-effective fall protection solution.  A worker can scale a ladder or open a roof hatch and immediately proceed to the work area.  There is no need to don a harness or connect to a lifeline.  What’s more, no training or annual system re-certification is required.  Unlike lifeline systems, you can also self-perform guardrail installation, and there is no need to create roof penetrations that are prone to leaks.  From construction sites, ramps and walkways, to unprotected roof edges, Roof Guardrail is an ideal choice for a variety of fall protection applications.

Fall Protection PPE takes many forms, but next to body harnesses, one of the most commonly used PPE products is a Self-retracting Lifeline or SRL.

A Self Retracting Lifeline is used to prevent falls from leading edges. It is typically attached to an overhead anchor point and then connected to the D-ring of workers harness. The wearer of the harness along with the SRL should have a full range of motion to complete the task at hand.  An inertial braking mechanism locks into place in the event of a fall, preventing the user from falling more than a few inches. There are a couple of different types of Self Retracting Lifelines that can be of use for different applications. 

Traditional, cable-based SRLs are used in the majority of applications. These consist of a dual-action carabiner and a swiveling self-locking snap hook allowing a user to attach to their back D-ring for fall protection against leading edges. We are currently offering 12 different styles of traditional Self-retracting Lifelines for purchase. 


The 3M Protecta Rebel 20ft SRL has been proven to be not only economical in price but is built to last without compromising safety or performance.  With a 420-pound (190KG) user capacity, it can be selected in lengths from 6ft up to 100ft. With the speed sensing, all metal-brake systems, you can feel confident that if a fall were to take place, The Rebel SRL will ensure your safety.


For those locations that have a more corrosive and harsh working environment, the 3M DBI-Sala Sealed Blok SRL is the perfect product.  With environmentally sealed dynamic components, an anti-ratcheting locking system and steel/aluminum housing this SRL will be the perfect addition to assist keeping your team protected when working from height. 

Where Unistrut Service Company is the nationwide leader supplier in Genuine Unistrut products, we are more than a supplier of Genuine Unistrut materials.  We are also a leader when it comes to safety.  With our OSHA compliant Roof Guardrail, Fixed and Portable Truss Anchor Kits, SRLs and other Wearable PPE, Unistrut Service Company have the essentials needed when it comes to supplying your safety demands. Contact Unistrut for more information.