Connecting Sway Braces to Unistrut Threaded Rod

In prior Tech Talk posts, we have discussed options for connecting threaded rod to Unistrut.  In this post, we'll take the discussion a step further and explain how to connect sway braces to threaded rod.

As a rule of thumb, longer drops of threaded rod are more susceptible to twisting and swaying.  If the grid is supporting MEP such as pipes or HVAC duct work, you'll have a harder time limiting the movement of lighting or equipment attached to the grid.  The solution is to create bracing that spans between the threaded rod, as shown below:


threaded rod with unistrut bracing                                                      

We've included a PDF of the drawing above illustrating how to connect sway braces to threaded rod.  Feel free to print out for the illustration for handy reference.  As always, if you have questions about a Unistrut application, feel free to contact us for further assistance.